Made with Australian goat milk

Bubs is a proud Australian company, built on Food Safety, Quality, and Innovation. We believe in sourcing the best ingredients possible for our products.

A few years ago, we embarked on a challenging mission to increase Australia’s production of Goat milk, and we managed to do just that.

Bubs is the only Goat Formula that’s made in Australia using Australian goat milk! We support local farmers and deliver great products made to our highest standards.

For more details, please see our FAQs.

Bubs Improved formula

At Bubs, we continually strive to improve our products and stay up to date with the latest industry best practice. Our Goat Milk Stages 1, 2 and 3 Formulas, which use fresh Australian Goat Milk, now include more Omega 3 (DHA), Omega 6 (ARA), and Prebiotics (GOS).

  • More Prebiotics (GOS)
  • More DHA (Omega 3)
  • More ARA (Omega 6)

We’ve also adopted what is called single step processing. The farm-fresh goat milk and other enriching ingredients are combined in an efficient and time-saving way. We believe it provides a better taste and enables the Formula to be delivered to you faster.

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A2 goat protein

Thanks to its unique composition, A2 goat protein is easily digested. This means that by consuming goat milk, there’s less pressure on the digestive system, and more time for all the good nutrition to get to work.


How have Bubs new formulations improved?

At Bubs we continually review and improve our products to ensure they reflect the latest industry best practice. As a result, we have improved the formulation of our stages 1, 2 and 3 products by switching our goat milk supply to Australian sources, and adding more goodness to it. We have increased the amount of Omega 3 (DHA) ,Omega 6 (ARA) and the prebiotic (GOS).

We have also changed the source of some of these ingredients. For example, the most common source of DHA and ARA is Fish Oil, but we are now sourcing them from plants! This has improved the taste of our products and removed the fish as a possible allergen.

The Prebiotics can be extracted from multiple sources, some from milk, some from plants. We have removed the FOS (Fructo-Oligosaccharide) in order to maximise the usage of GOS (Glacto-Oligosaccharide), which comes from milk.

Why didn’t Bubs use locally sourced Australian goat milk previously?

Goat milk production in Australia has historically been limited. There simply wasn’t enough of it to fulfil our requirements. We had to import Goat Milk from New Zealand and the Netherlands to meet our production demand.

We weren’t completely satisfied with this, and thought we needed to do something about it. We started working with farmers a number of years ago on increasing their herd size and production volume of goat milk. Not only did they support and believe in our mission, but they proactively invested, and adopted new techniques to make milk of high-quality standards. This got us to the point, in early 2019, where we were able to make our Formula solely from Australian milk.

We are lucky to have a great group of local farmers who are an integral part of our journey. We support them, they support us, and we will continue to work together on growing this industry in Australia.

Why have you made these changes to your formulation?

These changes have been made to improve our existing formulation and give your bub the best nutrients that reflect the latest scientific studies and industry innovation.

What is A2 goat protein?

You may notice our new gold A2 goat protein icon on our packaging. This refers to Goat Milk’s natural A2 protein.

A2 goat protein benefits bubs as it’s easier on the digestive system, and less likely to cause inflammation. This means that by consuming goat milk formula, there’s less pressure on their little digestive system, and more time for all the good nutrition to get to work.

Where do you source your ingredients from? Why is there an average % of Australian ingredients on your packaging?

We aim to use Australian ingredients where possible, and proudly have the highest Australian ingredients % of any goat formula product on the market. However, given the complexity and the scientific nature of making infant formula, we cannot source 100% of our ingredients from Australia. We require very specific ingredients that are simply not available from Australian sources. These come from reputable sources only.

On our packaging, we quote an average % of Australian ingredients due to the seasonality of supply. Milk is a natural product, and the composition changes with the season. Sometimes it has more protein, sometimes less fat, etc.,so we need to adjust the addition rate of ingredients to offset the natural variation, and some of the ingredients we use to do that are imported.

Has your manufacturing process changed?

We have improved our manufacturing process by adopting what we call a single step process. This simply means using fresh milk, adding other ingredients to it, and turning it into formula. We are the FIRST in Australia to use single step process to produce goat infant formula from farm-fresh goat milk. This process delivers fresher product, and better taste.

Will these formulation changes affect my baby?

All babies react to changes in formula differently. Due to the sensitivity of their tiny tummy, they may experience some changes in their stools due to the increased level of dietary fibre (GOS). However, the baby’s digestive system will settle down. If your baby’s symptoms persist, seek advice from your healthcare professional.

Why does your formula contain Palm oil and where is this sourced?

Bubs infant formula and follow-on formula contain palm oil that is certified sustainable. Our palm oil does not impact wildlife.

We use palm oil in our infant formula and follow-on formula as it has the correct composition of fatty acids required by law to be present in infant formula so it can meet the nutritional requirements of babies. Palm oil is a reliable source of these fatty acids due to its high quality.

We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients in our products and only source our palm oil from a reputable supplier with vertically integrated palm oil production, making it fully traceable and sustainable.