How to Introduce Cow milk Formula

Making the decision to switch from one cow milk formula to another can often be a daunting one, especially if you are unsure how your baby may react to a new formula in their diet.

It is normal for all babies to have different experiences when changing from one cow milk formula to another. By nature, baby’s have a more sensitive tummy, as they still have a relatively immature gut, so changes may impact different babies differently.

By following a transition guide and making a gradual transition, you will be to help your baby’s digestive system to settle down.

It is best to introduce gradual mix feeding by mixing the old and new powders at different ratios over a few days, giving the baby's digestive system a chance to adapt slowly. If your baby’s symptoms persist, seek advice from your healthcare professional.

Below is a simple transition plan are a guide to help you when introducing a new cow milk formula:

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