Bubs® Junior Nutrition

Junior Nutrition

Introducing the newest additions to the Bubs Family! Bubs Organic® Grass-Fed Junior Nutrition Drink, have been specifically formulated to support the different nutritional needs of your active, busy and growing Junior from ages 3-12.

At Bubs we understand the challenge of supporting the healthy growth and development of children, especially during those important developmental pre-school through to middle school age years. That’s why our Bubs nutritional experts have developed Bubs Junior Nutrition range, to help fuel their growing bodies.

Each of our high quality and delicious formulations have been carefully developed to support different development needs. Discover our Junior Nutrition range today for a balanced nutritional drink or delicious addition to your child’s favourite drinks or meals!

Bubs Organic® Grass Fed Cow Milk Junior Nutrition

Providing balanced nutrition for healthy growth and development of fussy eaters.

Bubs® is Australia’s FIRST Organic 365-day Grass-Fed Cows Milk Formula.

Our Bubs nutritional experts have selected the best of nature, with our Organic 365-day grass fed milk and combined this with 16 essential vitamins and minerals, with prebiotics and probiotics, for balanced nutrition. With double organic certification, our organic cows milk drink is a delicious nutritional drink for busy, active and fussy eaters.



Bubs Organic® Farms

Our certified organic milk comes from free range cows that graze outdoors, all year round and enjoy a diet of fresh green grass.

A grass fed diet improves the quality of cows milk as it is richer in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin e, beta-carotenes and CLA when compared to other milks.