Bubs Organic® Cow Milk

Certified organic milk from 365-day grass fed cows.

Just because milk is certified organic milk doesn’t mean it is nutritionally better for you. A combination of certified organic and a grass-fed diet improves the nutritional value of cow’s milk.


What is the difference between Organic and Grass Fed?

Certified Organic refers to how a product is made, such as the farming practices, as verified by an independent third party. This ensures there are no GMOs, chemicals, preservatives or pesticides. Certified organic means the milk is “clean” and free from nasties.

Grass Fed refers to the cow's diet, being fresh grass. Unfortunately, most milk comes from cows whose diet is a combination of grass, hay, grain and mineral supplements. There are many health benefits associated with milk produced from grass-fed cows.


Benefits of Organic Grass Fed Milk 

A grass fed diet improves the quality of cows milk. When compared to other milks, grass fed milk is richer in: 

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin E
  • Beta-carotenes
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

Did you know omega-3 are essential fatty acids are important for brain and eye health that our bodies can’t make?



    Bubs Organic® Grass Fed Toddler Milk

    Bubs has created the FIRST organic toddler milk in Australia made with milk from 365-day grass fed cows.

    At Bubs we pride ourselves on using the very best that nature has to offer.  That’s why we’ve created Australia’s FIRST organic 365-day grass fed formula range. 

    With dual organic certifications, our formula range is derived from nature, GMO free and free from chemicals, preservatives and pesticides.

    Our certified organic milk comes from free range cows that graze outdoors, all year round and enjoy a diet of fresh green grass.